You have the following amount of points available (amount only visible when logged in):

No points are sold on this server, but rather, we are planning to create a system where points can be earned via certain quests/missions/tasks, or given by staff for assistance, and then used to obtain items from the list below.

One example is that the player, upon completing a quest, rather than accepting the set prize from a box which may not help his character, could instead earn points, and then choose an item better suited to his situation.

Currently the points scrolls are very rare and the items redeemable are few, but going forward we plan to expand both.
Description: Image: Count/duration: Points: Action:
Crystal coinimg1x20
Fire swordimg1x10
Knight Axeimg1x10
Great Fireball Runeimg20x10
Sudden Death Runeimg20x10
Ultimate Healing Runeimg20x10
Heavy Magic Missile Runeimg20x10
Explosion Runeimg20x10
Ring of Healingimg1x10
Burst Arrowimg100x10
Red Lightwandimg1x30
Blue Lightwandimg1x40
Yellow Lightwandimg1x50
Name Change tokenimg1x100

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