Server Info

Here you will find all basic information about Peora


Exp Rates:

Level 8 to 40: 2.5
Level 41 to 150: 2x
Level 151 onwards: 1.5x

Skill Rate: 2x
Magic Rate: 2x
Loot Rate: 2x
Spawn Rate: 2x


Every player has premium status, and can buy houses, use boats, and use premium spells freely. There are no real life money transactions of any type available on this server.


Double charged runes can be purchased at NPC for double charge prices
Double charged runes can be conjured by player for single charge mana costs
Normal Wands/Rods are not usable, but are in game to be sold as loot. Rumors tell of customs wands that are usable, however...

Player commands:

!online - online player list
!report - send a message about game issues or bugs
!loot - turns on/off loot message that only appears in console
!lootcenter - turns on/off loot message that appears in console and in the center of the game window
!share - enables shared experience for 10% boost (players must be equal or above 2/3rds of the level of the highest level in party)
!rep playername - checks the reputation of a player (player must be online)
!addrep playername - add 1 reputation point to a player of your choice (player must be online, you may vote only once from level 50)
!status - provides information about all monsters and npcs online
!serverinfo - provides information about server rates, houses, and protection level
!uptime - shows how long the server has been online today; at the 24 hour mark server saves and map is cleaned
!played - shows the entire playing time of your character
!exp - shows your time online and experience gained today
!commands - shows a list of all available commands
!epic - shows a list of epic quest items spawned
!regen - shows how much food based regeneration your character has left

Player Killing:

PVP is enabled, but this is not intended to be any type of war server, and thus the red skull and ban rates are set very low.
PVP is part of the game, but choose your kills wisely!

Client Count: Players may have a maximum of 2 characters online at a time.

Vocation Health and Mana Regeneration Rates:

Death and Blessing Information:

Host - Japan

Don't forget the motto of Peora! Be kind and have fun!

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