World Map

The world of Peora is seperated in several strange lands, each with its own quest tome and set of mysteries, quests, and surprises!

The Peora Heartlands Quest Tome Area:
Sircera: A small village on the edge of a strange wilderness! Players can choose to start here or Koya.
Sabaku: A desert land, filled with secrets!
Togesland: The jungle, with lizards and other strange creatures!
Koya: Massive land area and traditional large city. Players can choose to start here or Sircera.
Montego: Beachside town, with several secrets and an important trading partner.
Other Heartlands areas available to those who can find the way: Tpisle, Dismorfia, Dragonisle, Folda Ruins, Nitefall, Undead Isles.

Outer Area Quest Tomes:
Rookgaard Quest Area: Via the NPC under Koya boat, revisit and relive your first steps in the game. The clever may find Rook Hell!
Original Continent Quest Area: The original land including Thais, Carlin, Venore, Ab'dendriel, Kazordoon and more!
Celestia Quest Area: The great lands of Stonegate and Al'Qus return! Access via any Peora boat.
Drake Isles Quest Area: Speaking to the Carpet NPCs is a good way to start the access quest to the Drake Isles Outpost!
Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord Quest Area: The 1981 classic game Wizardry returns! Start the adventure at Koya Castle!
Frosthaven Quest Area: A quest packed continent of snow and ice, starting from the town of Windemere. Access via any Peora boat.

Other Areas:
Thais Arena & Holy Arena: From Koya temple, visit a copy of Thais as a PVP area for no cost battles, or try to conquer the Holy Arena!

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