World Map

The world of Peora is seperated in several strange lands, each with its own set of mysteries, quests, and surprises!


Sircera: A small village on the edge of a strange wilderness! Players can choose to start here or Koya.
Sabaku: A desert land, filled with secrets!
Togesland: The jungle, with lizards and other strange creatures!
Koya: Massive land area and traditional large city. Players can choose to start here or Sircera.
Montego: Beachside town, with several secrets and an important trading partner.
Rookgaard: Via the NPC under Koya boat, revisit and relive your first steps in the game.
Thais Arena: From Koya temple, head back to the city of Thais as PVP arena for fun battles at no cost.
Original Continent: The original land including Thais, Carlin, Venore, Ab'dendriel, Kazordoon and more is playable as it was at that time.
Old Celestia: The great lands of Stonegate and Al'Qus return! Access via any Peora boat.
Draconia, Tpisle, Dismorfia, Dragonisle, Folda Ruins, Drake Isles, Rook Hell, Nitefall, Undead Isles:
Available to those who can find the way!

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