Lag Reduction Guide

We understand our server is likely located far from your location. To help reduce lag, first try to reduce the amount of use on your internet connection while playing by turning off streaming services, etc.

Next, we recommend using PingZapper, located here:


The trial is free, so first set up account, and then download application.

Once you have and logged into the application, it should look like this:

Click on the + button, and select add custom game.

Type in the name of Peora, and then click on Main Game File and add the path to your Peora.exe.

Do not use the File Launcher, and click next.

Next, click on manual, and then click to select tunnel.

Select Asia-Pacific, and then click ping all to see which is best for you. Then click on the tunnel that is the lowest number of ping.

Slide both buttons from Off to On.

Now you do not need to do anything else with the application. Simply go to your Peora client and open it as usual.

As you log into game, you will see the PingZapper application waiting for connection.

Once you log into Peora, you will see the game being tunneled.

Please be warned, if you shut off PingZapper while in game, you will drop and need to relog in!

Hopefully this helps reduce lag when playing Peora. Have fun!

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