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  Wed, 5 May 2021 -
69th Update!

Glad to see more players enjoying the server and some of the older quests being worked on. As well, the Arena Challenge area (from the Easter Event) has been revamped and is now in live testing. Hopefully soon it will be open to all players.  

Thank you to everyone for their reports; after the next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. The Monster Angry Specter has been adjusted to see invisible.

2. The Vocation quest for level 55 has been adjusted to accept solo adventurers; in the future the other vocation quests not currently set up for solo attempts will be adjusted as well. (Currently, on the level 20 Vocation quest has a solo option; the higher level vocation quests are still team only)

3. Thais Arena overall had a large mapping improvement, especially with borders.

4. The welcome message has been updated to better inform new players about customizations and webpage.

5. The bridge in rookgaard has been repaired to prevent level 1 from leaving the town.

6. The Jungle Taskman has had his area improved and more details added to his information. Other related NPCs have had hints added to their area.

7. The amount required for certain Jungle tasks has been lowered slightly; the rewards for those tasks have been equally lowered.

8. The spells "heal friend" and "heal party" have been adjusted to not work in the Arena Challenge area.

9. A small error in a prize box in Togesland has been repaired.

10. The loot drop of the Monster Ice Lizard has been adjusted to not drop gold coins, and Captain Blight has been buffed slightly in speed.

11. The Sceptre of Death has been adjusted to be PVE only, as this is a very powerful weapon and difficult to balance safely in order to be fair in PVP battles.

12. The step in tiles in the Mino Castle west of Koya have been improved in script.

13. A torch prize in Rookgaard has been corrected to be a full torch.

14. The regeneration rate of the Spiritual Helmet has been repaired.

15. Many other small map areas have been improved.

Druids and Paladins are also in testing for a larger food spell; greater mana cost, but more valuable food would be created; results will be discussed before implementation.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Sun, 18 Apr 2021 -
68th Update!

Thank you to everyone for their feedback regarding the Easter event; while there are some improvements to be made, we are very happy with how it went overall. Over the next period, the arena zone will be improved, with plans to release it as a permanent part of the map.

It is nice to see a few newer players exploring the map; feel free to use discord for any issues/questions. This is just a very small update, mainly to mark the closure of the Easter event some small upcoming changes.

After the next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. The death corpse for dread demon and dread dragonlord has been improved.

2. The Elf area near Sircera has been improved.

3. Several map spelling errors have been corrected.

4. A new feedback channel has been opened in Discord.

5. A new rune, "wild growth" only usable by druids has been created. It functions as the "original" wild growth spell, but in rune form and costs the same amount of mana (and has the same amount of charges) as the Magic Wall rune.  You can conjure the new rune with the spell "adevo grav vita" or purchase it from any rune NPC.

6. Heal party and heal friend have been removed of all Easter event restrictions.

7. A new talkaction (!regen) has been added to show the remaining food based health and mana regeneration time remaining. You can view all talkactions in game by typing !commands.

8. The "map shifting" for the 3 year anniversary event has been completed; everything is on track to meet the deadline in June. Further details will be released as the date draws nearer.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Fri, 2 Apr 2021 -
67th Update and Easter Event!

Hopefully everyone is doing well; despite the low activity things continue to be developed behind the scenes. We are happy to reveal that the Easter event is ready to be installed!

Let's meet Jesus!

The Easter event is a series of Arenas, if conquered, will allow a player to meet Jesus! Of course, having to defeat the 12 arenas of his disciples along the way might not put the Son of God in a great mood, so be prepared! As usual, since this is an event, there will be a small reward that is not included in the regular quest log.  Any player level 50 and above is welcome to try their luck!

As it is an Arena, the following applies:

1. All battles are solo; only 1 player and the summoned beast.

2. There are a total of 360 monsters to be randomly chosen from for your battle, sub grouped by your level.

3. All deaths in the arena zone will not "count", as in no loss of skills, experience, etc.

4. All runes, potions, and supplies used in the battle are used as normal, and the arena monsters give experience and drop loot as normal.

5. In addition to the 360 monsters to be chosen from, there exists a very small chance to meet the Easter Bunny! He is said to carry nice items that will help with your battles.

6. The majority of the arenas are "linked", meaning you must conquer several in a row without leaving to proceed.

7. The arena is located inside the Thais Arena; enter the teleport from Koya Temple to reach the Thais Arena as usual, and then head out towards the eastern exit.

There was quite a bit of mapping and arena teleport improvement for this event, so it will run a little longer than usual so all players can have a chance to enjoy and take part. The Easter event will start with the server save on Saturday April 3rd JST and end with the server save on Saturday April 10th JST.

There will be a slight extention of the next server save to ensure everything installed correctly.

After the next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. Several map areas have been improved.

2. The server itself has been extended in payment again, with next scheduled payment to be made September 2021.

3. The Easter Event will begin and run for 1 full week.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan

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