Custom Monsters

As many have already found, in addition to the usual original monsters of the period, Peora has several (over 50) custom monsters. Shown below are but a very few of the dangerous creatures players may encounter in their journey throughout these lands.

Hopefully this small selection will give all players in Peora not only certain monsters to hunt, (or better yet, avoid!) and via extrapolation, a good idea of the different types of custom monsters. Good luck!
Image Name Description Danger Level
Guardian These strong distance attacking warriors live on Dragonisle, and protect dragon hatchlings. Medium
Lava Drake The weakest of the adult drakes, this beast is still dangerous and not to be challenged by any novices. Medium
Frost Giant One of the more dangerous boss monsters, this ice beast likes to spring onto the trapped adventurer and wreak havoc. High
Dwarf Slayer Wielding an oversize axe, this dwarf inflicts heavy damage with each swing. Medium
The Outcast King Stripped of his title and thrown out of the original lands, this venegance seeking King thirsts for revenge and plots his return, amassing treasures and loyal followers. Do not enter his underground lands alone! High
Armored Fire Elemental Once a normal fire elemental, but transformed by an acoylte into a giant and strapped with weapons and equipment, this living flame is nothing but danger to any adventurer. Medium
Shadow Drake Among the many drakes on Drake Isles, the Shadow Drake is especially feared for their heavy energy attacks. Of course, they are also hunted for their rare shadow boots and electric weapons. High
Undead Knight Found mainly on the undead isles, this undead soul not only battles as a strong knight, but brought back evil magics from the beyond to terrify his mortal enemy, the Hero. Medium
The Golden General Loyal to the Outcast King, this fierce general is preparing his armies for the final assault to reinstate the Outcast King to the throne of Thais. High
Bloodborne These mages, although not quite at the warlock level, are still very dangerous; be careful when approaching their caves! Medium
Lava Giant Found deep under Stonegate, these giants not only inflict massive physical damage, but can concentrate their lava into a deadly stream of fire. High
Dread Demon Run.