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  Tue, 24 Sep 2019 -
35th Update!

It is nice to see people still stopping in and leaving reports; they are always appreciated. This update has quite a bit of small error (map borders, in particular) repair as well as some creature & puzzle changes.

After server save today, the following changes will take effect:

1. The monster dwarf berzerker will now give 195 experience points per kill.

2. The price of an ichigoberry is now 500 gold pieces.

3. The deletion time period for character self deletion is now 30 days.

4. The monster elf now has a chance to drop a small amount of gold pieces.

5. The access to Grorlam puzzle has been changed slightly.

6. Several houses (of players who have not been logged in for more than 9 months) have been cleaned; the houses are open to rent and the player's items have been placed in their depot of the town the house was located.

7. A massive amount of map borders have been repaired in all lands outside of the original lands.

8. As most know, the server saves every 2.5 hours in addition to the daily server save; this is to protect players from losing time if the server is kicked offline, for example in a DDOS attack.  However, in order to better protect against complete server failure/corruption, a snapshop will be taken of the entire server every 2 days. This will ensure that if a catastrophic failure such as server deletion, etc occurs, the most that will be lost is 48 hours.

9. The client download links have been repaired.

Going forward, we will still be looking to improve mapping, improve NPC dialogue and english, and flushing out more details (like more books in bookcases) that help the game play experience. We are also hoping to complete a christmas/new years update that will offer a new quest/lands to enjoy.

In the meantime, please be sure to report issues found in game, be it mapping or gameplay, and as always good luck in quests and have fun!

  by God Evan
  Wed, 28 Aug 2019 -
Update 33 and 34! (again!)

The roll back also affected what was visible for changes, so once again, below is the information from update 33 and 34. Note that while playing characters have been attempted to put to their proper level and skills, it might not be exact. Also, be aware that any quests in this time will need to be redone.

After server save today, the following changes will take place:

1. Pickhole code has been changed to all pick holes match their ground.

2. A large amount of rock mountains have been repaired in Sabaku.

3. All Peora wardrobes have been better filled out.

4. The houses page has been updated regarding the 2000 limit.

5. Armored fire elemental has been removed as an outfit choice and changed to bone drake.

6. Finally Rachel (original Carlin) and Raquel (Koya Magic shop) have finally been seperated and now have their own proper dialogues.

7. Some signs were added to Stonegate, and the furniture shop improved.

8. Prices were raised at NPC Rashid for certain items.

9. Many custom monsters had their gold drops changed to platinum coin drops.

10. Monster Serpent Spawn was raised in experience.

11.A wall in the monk house in Sabaku has been repaired.

12. Atar was reduced in his walk radius to make him easier to find.

13. A very large number of borders throughout the lands have been repaired.

14. The original lands barbarian quest had scimatar added to its rewards.

Please be sure to report issues found in game that are especially obvious to not be correct and please continue to report visual bugs using !report.

In the meantime, good luck in quests, and have fun!



  by God Evan
  Sat, 3 Aug 2019 -
32nd Update!

Thank you to all the players who have been reporting issues lately, it helps a great deal. This update is mostly behind the scenes, but also, a large area of border mapping has hopefully been greatly improved!

After server save today, the following changes will take place:

1. A broken postman quest door in Koya has been repaired.

2. The fish master quest has been repaired for a keyword error.

3. The Cmentary quest had its code improved. If you did the quest previously, you might notice that access has been changed slightly.

4. The empty flask/container error has been repaired.

5. NPC Khellus has been improved in spelling/English.

6. The rope hole at Orc Mother has been repaired to prevent players from trapping themselves.

7. Epic quest benchs have been improved to prevent errors with multiple place and pull issues.

8. The quest log has been repaired for spelling/English.

9. The corpse of the monster Wraith Knight has been changed, and is now moveable after death.

10. Many map visual issues have been repaired/improved, and a large amount of the water and lava bordering issues in Stonegate have been repaired.

We will still be working on more map issues, double checking the english/fullness of NPC dialogue, and adding more color into the server (more books, more filled in blackboards, more signs, etc.) as well refining the player experience. Please be sure to report issues found in game that are especially obvious to not be correct and please continue to report visual bugs using !report.

In the meantime, good luck in quests, and have fun!

  by God Evan

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