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  Sat, 27 Jun 2020 -
Update Progress News #3

Thank you to everyone for their reports.  Today we will review the main questline of the new area of Frosthaven, and go over some of the technical details.

The castle in the town of Windemere holds a library on the first floor, with a great amount of detail on the history of Frosthaven, information on each specific castle, and of course monster descriptions. We strongly recommend any new adventurer to the region read those books carefully.

As can be seen on the Frosthaven map ( there are 6 major castle areas, as well as the town of Windemere and the Dragon Enclave. While there are currently 195 new quests available in Frosthaven, the "main" questline involves visting each castle/area, first to help the daughter of Lord British, and then again to "cleanse" the castle. Of course, the many hunting grounds and other areas in between the castles have their own enclosed quests, and certainly the NPCs will need some assistance as well. The quest range for the "1st" visit to all castles runs from levels 25-140 (estimated) as the monsters (and puzzles!) in castles vary in difficulty, and the "2nd" visit to all castles runs from levels 150-200. Note this can vary dramatically based on the size and power of the team, as well as the skill of individual players.

The new area will be accessible by boat, and can be visited via foot travel from Al'Qus.  Two other areas, the Dragon Enclave located north of Frosthaven, and the Count's castle, located in the northen part of Stonegate, also have the key to their access in Frosthaven.

While the entire area is created new, it is very obvious via NPC name and area/castle name this is a large homage to the game Ultima ( released in 1981. Many of the NPCs have small callback comments to the original series, and the castles were built following the original maps. Below is a quick look at the 3 levels of Empath Abbey:




More maps from Ultima V can be located here:

Of course, the maps were only used as a guide, so while they might certainly help in game, they will not be exact copies.

The Frosthaven map, as one can see on the world map, is very large; perhaps a little bit too large. The immense size, however, does bring back the feeling of original Tibia and walking from town to town, and it also offers space for future development.  While there is a lot of walking to be done, there is also a subterranean transport system one can gain the ability to use, which will help in terms of visiting each castle area. While tasks are certainly not necessary, we choose 35 of the new monsters and provided 2 taskmasters in Windemere, so that players could earn a little extra cash/exp while working through the many puzzles of the land. There are very few level doors in Frosthaven, with the build hopefully being a fair scaling of difficulty per area, and utilizing the new arena battle system to ensure things are more balanced.

As one might guess, after this many updates, the "new weapons and armors" section is getting a little crowded; so while there are (some shown in the previous news update) many new types of weapons and armor, there are also a large amount of special, unique, and colorful prizes to be found, with a focus on a gambling element as well as a design/status element.

Overall, it is by far our most ambitious project, and we consider it the "final" stage of Peora development; an originally created creature and NPC filled map, with a large main questline threaded with many sub questlines, of a size and scope that it could be a entire server unto itself.

Testing is still occuring, but hopefully the update can be released sometime in the next 2 months. Also, although the update is taking most of the time in server work, at next server save the following changes will take effect:

1. Several furniture kits have been repaired.

2. A small error with the Jungle Taskman has been repaired.

3. All quest tomes have been reduced in weight slightly.

4. The game error where a dead snake shows the loot of something underneath it has been repaired.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Mon, 22 Jun 2020 -
Update Progress News #2

Happy 2 year anniversary! It is hard to believe time has passed this quickly, but Peora turns 2 years old today! We hope everyone has had fun during the time, and we of course plan to hold many more anniversaries!

Today, we hope to fully explain the arena battle system. Below is taken directly from the tome in game, and if there are any questions or unclear points, please feel free to post in forums or ask in discord for clarity.

Arenas, as well as various other "battle" areas:

Each castle, provided one can solve the security measures in place and find the way to them, has arenas in which one must win a battle in order to claim any prize or perform any castle cleanse. Above each arena is a teleport, which, when entered, will summon monsters to battle, and until one side is victorious, no one may leave the arena. The brave adventurer will be randomly placed somewhere in the arena at the start of the battle, and monsters will also be randomly selected and placed. It should be known that should a adventurer defeat all monsters in the arena, but still be in the arena when another adventurer enters, all monsters will again be summoned. However, if the adventurers choose to enter and battle together, a lesser amount of monsters will be summoned per each adventurer who enters, thus clever adventurers will always try to battle together to improve their odds. Finally, should the adventurers fall in battle, upon return to the arena, no new monsters will be summoned, and the adventurers will only face what was in the arena when they perished.

In addition to the above tome information can be found in game, and it is important to note that the battles are far more "random" in the sense that the monster selection, placement, and player placement have a chance to vary each battle, so the experience can remain unique per visit. We have great hopes for this system, and if it works well, plan to expand it across Peora.

As well since we don't want to give too much away, without great detail the following screenshots show just some of the items dropped from monsters, and some of the claimable prizes. Not shown is the rune randomizer, which when a player drops a blank rune into it, randomly selects from a large list of runes (including some special and rare runes) and creates that rune at no cost. Also not shown is the berzerker battery, which will allow knights to "charge up" their exori spell to greater power.



As many likely have noticed, the map page has been updated and contains Frosthaven and Windemere information.  The next update will focus more on the overall quest of the continent, both in lore as well as technical game play details.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!

  by God Evan
  Tue, 16 Jun 2020 -
Update Progress News

As the 2 year anniversary of Peora draws near, we thought now would be a good time to start giving out details on the upcoming update.

The update, while obviously a part of Peora, has also been designed to be a "full server" type of update, providing a large range of land, creatures, NPCs, puzzles, and quests in the manner similar to that of the original Tibia lands, wherein a player could, if they choose to, spend time most if not all of their playing time in that area. Over the next few news updates, we will introduce some of the main areas, an overview of the main quest theme of the land including details on all 6 castles, and some technical aspects of the second generation of the dungeon balance system that will be in place.

Today we will start with some of the new monsters; there are over 50 new creatures being introduced, ranging from small "beginner" type of monsters all the way up to end of game boss monsters.  There will be a library with a beastiary in the town of Windemere with creature details.

Up first are the Snow Elf, Ice Scount, and Frozen Arcanist, all of which reside in Moonglow castle, and are set (all level rankings are set in general as it may vary by team and player skill) for levels 0-30.

Also shown are the Snow Novice, Ice Priest, and Frozen Abbot, which reside in Empath Abbey and are designed for lvls 30-60.


Next are the Frost Knight, Ice Executioner, and Frozen Exorcist, found in Lycaeum (levels 60-90), as well as the Golden Scorpion, Venomous Balrog, and Ice Lizard, (levers 90-120) which are found in Serpents Hold.


The Dwarfs reside in Stonekeep, intended for lvls 120-140, and the Humanoids have their own hunting grounds, intended for levels 30-60.


Blackthorn Castle is home to the Ice Golem, Frozen Behemoth, and Blackthorn Demon, intended for post level 140, and there are some hunting spawns for both dragons, intended for levels 65-110.


There are also some crystal creatures, ranging from level 10 to 120.


There are many more types of creatures, in a varying range of levels, to provide a multitude of hunting options while working on quests:


There are further creatures, and also, with the castles and certain hunting grounds come some unique "boss" type creatures, which may stand between you and certain quest completions.

More update information to come; in the meantime kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!

  by God Evan

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