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  Mon, 7 Sep 2020 -
Update 53!

We hope everyone is still doing well and keeping safe.  Although very quiet on the server, improvements have continued, and we have used this time to tackle some of the harder issues in the server. This update has some technical details, so please refer to the github ( for best explanations, or ask in discord.

After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. The arena tp entrance in Empath Abbey has been repaired.

2. NPC Markwin has been placed in his proper location, with dialogue removed since Peora has a custom postman quest.

3. NPC The Lost Boy has had his dialogue improved.

4. Empath Abbey has more warnings and signs about curses and curse effects.

5. NPCs Dantell and Danyell have had their dialogue improved.

6. The drop rate of snowballs in Yeti has been lowered.

7. The entire map area of Koya has been improved with greater sign usage, and a slight rebalancing of the monster zones.

For the next few improvments, a very large thank to Peonso and player Ilyaris for their great time and effort in rewriting source codes; these improvements would not be possible without their kindness:

1. The speed of God characters has been repaired.

2. The issue with loading a 2 handed weapon while holding 2 things (where it would return to your backpack with incorrect weight) has been repaired.

3. Players walking through fields (fire, energy, etc.) while on follow of a monster has been repaired. (Your character will slide when there is a chance, but if the path to the monster is entirely blocked by fields, your character will stop and need to be manually controlled in a damage taking situation)

4. The issue of one hand having spear reload delay and one hand not having spear reload delay has been repaired; now both hands do not have spear reload delay.

5. As it was at the time, the maximum depot size is 2000 items; but this would cause issues when people with many item houses would leave their house; 2000 items would transfer, but the remainder would remain in the now ownerless house. This has been repaired; now when a player uses the !leavehouse command, if the combined total of house items and the depot items of the town the house is located in is over the limit, they will not be permitted to leave their house and need to relocate house or depot items before the !leavehouse command will work.

6. The overall shielding formula has been improved, and now is much accurate to the time period.  We hesitate to say "perfect" as likely no server has it exactly perfect, but this is very much improved. For the technical math details, please see the github. For the normal player, to be fully honest, since it's not a drastic change, players might not really notice too much of a difference.  But, in general, the icon chosen (full defense, balanced, full attack) has a greater effect on damage taken, (for example, on full defense you will now take a little less damage then before, but on full attack, you will take a little more damage then before) and the shielding points (the value of your armor and shield) plays a more important role in the formula, so increasing your equipment will have a greater effect than before. It is likely most players will not fully notice the effects of this small adjustment, but it should add balance and accuracy to the game.

While population is low, there are no plans to close the server, so feel free to play and explore at your own pace. As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!

  by God Evan
  Fri, 7 Aug 2020 -
Update 52!

We hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy in these strange times.  While population is low, we are still making improvements on the server and are very grateful for the reports players send in. We are also very pleased that the Frosthaven update has rolled in successfully; it was a large challenge to put in such a size of land and spread of quests, but overall it seems to be running very well. To the long term players, just a small reminder we have no plans to close the server, so feel free to explore and enjoy at your own pace.

After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1.Weights of dead monsters have been corrected to be more realistic.

2. The loot of the mutated rat, tortoise, ice tortoise and neanderthal have been adjusted slightly.

3. Some spelling errors have been repaired in the mission and quest tome and some other tomes.

4. Equipment sales npcs have been updated to ensure no missing equipment.

5. Jaana will now accept empty vials.

6. All task masters and loot messages have been repaired to offer proper plurals of monsters (dwarfs to dwarves, for example)

7.The Yeti outpost teleport has been repaired.

8. An error where if there was a corpse on a spot something was to be created has been repaired.

9. The postman door at Moonglow castle is now working properly.

10. NPC Dupre had his missing dialogue repaired.

11. A small error in the compass has been repaired.

12. Very many map areas have been touched up and improved.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Sat, 11 Jul 2020 -
Update 51!

We are pleased to announce the land of Frosthaven is now available to all players.  Please see the previous update news entries for details upon what to expect when entering this snowy continent, and of course, please approach new monsters with caution!

Frosthaven can be accessed in 2 ways, either by walking far to the east in Al’Qus and crossing the mountains, or from any Peora boat, asking for the town of Windemere. It is strongly recommended to first stop by the Windemere Castle library, and read as much as possible about the beasts, quests, and castles of the region.  It is also strongly encouraged to then go to the temple, and pick up the quest tome, so as to start your journeys with the proper focus.

Although the area, quests, and monsters have been tested via several different methods, experience tells us that no matter what, something will be overlooked or incorrect; kindly let us know via !report or directly in discord when finding an error.

Technical Notes:

All “equipment” NPCs will buy the “smaller” items dropped by the new monsters.  Rashid will buy the “larger” items dropped by the new monsters. For example, if you kill a blackthorn demon and loot an item that Geoffery will not buy, please try to sell it at Rashid. NPC Sev will not purchase any of the items dropped by Frosthaven monsters.

There are several new systems beyond the dungeon teleport that will be in effect in Frosthaven; please be sure to read signs and guidance carefully. Although we cannot spoil quests, if there are any questions about the technical details (for example, how curses work) please ask in discord and we will explain them in full.

As the “normal” tibia monsters are available via the github, we will be glad to provide certain details of the new Frosthaven monsters, such as the original monster(s) they are based on, whether they were “increased” or “decreased” in comparison to the original base monster, and then on a per question basis decision.

Best of luck to all who dare to venture into Frosthaven and challenge any of the castles!

  by God Evan

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