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  Sat, 18 Jan 2020 -
39th Update!

This is yet another small update consisting of minor repairs. As the Wizardry update is being tested, several older files are being reviewed and repaired accordingly.

After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. Multiple NPCs have been repaired for spelling.

2. The 3 brothers corpse graphic has been changed.

3. Several server side movement scripts have been repaired.

4. Several monsters have been updated to ensure their bags are dropping correctly. (Note: Loot rate of the monsters was not changed)

5. The damage rates of the wands available for use have been adjusted slightly. (Note: This only applies to the unique Peora rare wands)

6. The experience reward for killing the monster Lava Giant has been raised to 3000.

7. The NPC Original Knight has had his script improved.

8.  Native armor, dagger, hand axe, and rapier should now be able to be sold at normal equipment NPCs.

9. Several more stone pile holes have been adjusted slightly so they match the ground area properly.

The wizardry update testing is progressing well, and the next update progress news will contain information on chest mechanics as well as some of the more technical aspects and goals of the update.  In the meantime, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and as always, best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Thu, 9 Jan 2020 -
Update Progress News #3!

Today we will descibe the newer book system and the new (or changed) NPCs that will be introduced with the upcoming update.

Currently in Peora, Quest Tomes aside, most books function in 2 ways:

1. The book can be taken by any player; any other players searching for that particular book will need to wait for server save for it to respawn, or hope the player that took it will share it with them.

2. The book is "locked" and cannot be taken by anyone; players can only read the information of the book while standing at it.

Both of the above methods are limiting in the RPG aspect; players need to be able to accumulate information and review it often, and building their own "Quest Library" is a goal many RPG players have. Furthermore, we would like game information to be available in game; it is understood (and common for the 7x era) that players often cut and paste books, NPC dialogue, etc. onto notepad/word on their own computer, but we would like to head Peora towards a more immersive environment, reducing the need to leave the game client to puzzle over quests.  Understandably this is difficult when it comes to NPC dialogue, but hopefully the new book system will function more towards this goal.

Starting with the upcoming Wizardry update, all new books installed in Peora will function as follows:

When the player finds a book and clicks on it, an exact copy of the book will appear in their backpack. The orginal book, however, will remain in game where it is, unmoveable.  This gives all players an equal chance to find and read the book, and lets all players have their own copy to review anywhere in game they choose. The player only gets 1 copy of the book; should they lose it, the only way they will have to read the book is either a) return to the original book and read it there, or b) hope another player is kind enough to loan them their copy of the book. This prevents populating massive amounts of copies of books, especially ones that are rare and meant to be hard to find.

It is important to remember that this also applies to books that are not in traditional book form. For example, if a player clicks on the animal fur located on level 5 of the Proving Grounds, the book hidden there will spawn in their backpack.  If the player were to lose this book, they will need to return and click on the animal fur itself to be able to re-read the book.

As for NPCs, the following will be available (or changed) in the update:

1. Lord Trebor
Having successfully deposed of King Nave, Lord Trebor now rules over Koya and constantly searchs for brave adventurers willing to take the journey to the Proving Grounds and retrieve the magical amulet. He can be found in Koya castle, and you will need to speak to him in order to access the Proving Grounds area.

2. Librarian
The famed curator of the largest collection (8) of Wizardry Tomes in one place, he resides in the Library above the Proving Grounds, to the north of the Treasury Warehouse. You will need to speak with him in order to enter the Proving Grounds maze.

3. Small Wizard
Short in stature, and shorter in dialogue, this stranger despising wizard can be found on the first floor of the Proving Grounds.

4. Maintenance Man
Found somewhere in the Proving Grounds, he provides repair and access related to devices of movement.  He serves Archmage Werdna fearfully, and will likely not help anyone unless they can prove they are fully authorized.

5. Chason
One of the strongest and bravest adventurers of Peora; always off on an adventure somewhere!

6. Geralet
The finest scribe of Peora, author of many tomes throughout the land.  He is often hired by groups of adventurers to record their journeys.

7. Kerlang
The original architect of the fabled Draconia.  He is often hired to design or evaluate buildings, structures, and quests.

8. Several inmates, located in the new prison beneath Koya castle

9. King Nave
Deceived and deposed by Lord Trebor, he is now confined to the prison beneath Koya castle.

The next update progress news will review some new chest mechanics and other unique features of the coming update. Please note that due to the extensive testing that comes with trying to introduce so many new features and new types of functions/code, it may be some time until the next update.  In the meantime, best of luck in quests and have fun!

  by God Evan
  Tue, 7 Jan 2020 -
38th Update!

This is a very minor update, mainly meant to ensure the death & rook system are functioning in a way that best matches Peora.
As most know, players on Peora tend to be experienced Tibia players, thus everyone skips Rookgaard and starts at level 8 in front of an Oracle, so they can choose a vocation and begin their RPG and quest focused adventure. Of course Rookgaard is an actual place in Peora, and is basically a replica of the Rookgaard of the 7x era, with a few extra Peora RPG elements added.

As there may be newer, non experienced players who would benefit from the original Rookgaard experience, the death system has been changed slightly to allow players a chance to better learn game mechanics in a safer environment.

Going forward from next server save, when a player dies to level 6 (5 deaths in a row upon login, with no experienced gained) it will be seen as a sign that the player is "Tibia inexperienced" and better game mechanic understanding is required to play Peora successfully.  That same player will respawn in Rookgaard at level 1 with no vocation.  The player will then need to gain experience until level 8, at which point they can speak to the Rookgaard Oracle, "re-choose" a town and vocation, and return to "mainland" Peora. The player will be unable to leave Rookgaard until they reach level 8 and choose a vocation. This will hopefully allow for the player to learn the game mechanics in a safe and "tutorial" themed environment, with the added bonus of being in a non pvp zone to be protected from players while learning.  There is also the side benefit for experienced players to, should they choose, create a new character, de-level it until they spawn in Rookgaard at level 1 with no vocation, and then enjoy playing what is referred to as a "RookStayer".

Overall, hopefully this creates a more rounded and immersive experience for players. As well, although Peora has a massive over-abundance of houses, there may be a few custom Rookgaard houses added in the future to flush out the "RookStayer" experience.

After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. The new death and Rookgaard system will be in effect.

2. An escape method for players accidentally trapped in Sircera trolls has been implemented.

3. The dialogue of NPC Uzgod has been repaired.

4. Several visual map errors have been repaired.

There will be another Update Progress News post soon.  Kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and as always, best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan

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