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  Fri, 30 Oct 2020 -
56th Update/ 1st Holiday Event completed!

It is nice to see some older players coming back to enjoy things; be sure to be careful if exploring, many things have been updated and new lands and monsters installed.  Check with people on discord for advice, and of course please continue to send in reports.

As discussed previously, we will begin to host "events" where something will only be available for a short time, and offer unique and fun but non quest counted rewards.  While the first puzzle event is scheduled for Christmas, we held a very short term Halloween event this weekend.

The Halloween event went well; hopefully everyone had fun and could earn a little extra cash. The next news post will have information about the Christmas event.

After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. Some more postboxes have been added to the Windemere region

2. Several NPCs had spelling errors corrected.

3. Magic effects have been added to Peora custom spells.

4. The druid outfit lever has been repaired.

5. The items golden mug and t book are now available for sale at Haroun.

6. An attack rating is visible on all projectiles.

7. An "element tester" area has been added to the Thais arena; visit it to find out how it can assist in determining the amount of resistance certain items have.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!

  by God Evan
  Sun, 18 Oct 2020 -
55th Update!

It is nice to see a few old players coming to enjoy the Frosthaven update; hopefully more will come and exploration teams can arranged. It is a good idea to keep checking discord, to keep up with the latest team information.

As usual, things are continuing to be checked and repaired.  Thanks again to all players for their support.  After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. The Ice Scout outfit lever has been repaired to properly check the stains on your soul.

2. Shamans in the task lists have been fixed for spelling.

3. The Yeti Outpost entrance has been improved (It will now search complete backpack for necessary items, not just the first of the items, special thank you to player Ilyaris for his time and skill to repair the script)

4. Many mapping oversights and errors have been corrected.

5. The NPC Johne & Captain Leodon have had their dialogue adjusted slightly, and the Frosthaven river transport system has been improved.

6. The decay time on several decay items has been shortened.

7. All NPCs related to the Fist Master have had their dialogues improved.

8. Two crossbows have been improved to offer a distance bonus while equipped, and their elemental damaged has been boosted slightly.

9. The spelling for the items executioner helmet, executioner axe, and tortoise shield has been corrected and the items can now be sold at the proper NPC.

10. Several spelling errors in Frosthaven tomes and signs have been repaired.

11. A new NPC, the Frosthaven Quest Specialist, has been added to the depot area in Windemere.  He is intended to help with locating some of the newer items in the area, but his list is far from complete.

12. Skinned Ice Dragons will now decay properly.

13. The task for the monster Mammoth has been lowered slightly.

14. Peora has several custom "boost" spells (for example, magica elevatus) that only are available for players who have solved a certain quest and are able to afford to activate the spell. As these spells do not have a client icon (like mana shield, or haste) in order to ensure players do not accidentally cast them while they are still in operation and thus cost themselves funds, a block has been placed on these spells; a player can only cast the spell if it is not currently active.

15. All Peora towns now sell a different color backpack; of course you can also buy many different color backpacks from NPC Stoya in Sabaku, and some custom backpacks from other places and NPCs, including Okke in Koya.

On a related note, the server has been extended in payment until spring of 2021, and the webpage until the summer of 2021.  We of course do hope to bring in more players, but do rest assured if even a low population, the server will continue on, so people can explore and quest at whatever pace best suits them.

The next update will likely include information about the Christmas event, a non quest log related event that will be available for a short period over the holiday season.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Mon, 5 Oct 2020 -
54th Update!

Despite the quiet server, many things have been worked on in the background.
Some are technical, some are enhancements to improve playability, and of course the usual map and NPC dialogue improvements continue.

As was posted in the previous update, the engine itself was slightly modified to improve many things, but a main one was the shielding formula. After some consideration, and the kindness of player Ilyaris to provide his time and skills, and Peonso to point the way, the information from the leak was carefully checked, and the entire defense and attack formulas recreated to better reflect what they were at the time.

Of course, after the formulas were recreated, bonuses for level were re-added in, in order to make it a little more fair especially for knights and paladins as players level and deal with harder and harder monsters. Part of this formula re-creation was to set monsters back to their original settings, so for anyone looking to check monster files, please be sure to use the .mon files from the leaked files.

At the same time, it was found that paladins using certain bows were overlooking monster shielding, and that the wrong effects were appearing per bolt/arrow hit, so both of those issues were corrected.

In the end, what this means for most players is that likely little difference will be noticed.  When starting out, prior to gaining some decent skills, certain monsters might be slightly harder, and then later on, when you are "beyond" a certain monster, they will likely damage you slightly less than before. The buttons (full attack, balanced, full defense) are more noticable when used, and overall it is a more accurate range of damage the player will both give and receive.  As with all updates, do be a little more careful than usual, just in case something has gone incorrect.

Along with these source edits, two more features designed to help low rate, low population players were installed, with the dual goal of team encouragement but also the support for solo exploration.

The first is a modification to the cancel invisibility rune; previously it only "cancelled" invisibility, which meant that as soon as the monster recast the spell, it could disappear again.  As Peora (and original Tibia) does have a fair amount of invisible monsters, to aid in the solo hunting, the cancel invisibility rune now blocks the monster from re-casting the invisibility spell for 30 seconds. Note that only monster invisibility is cancelled; invisible players will not be affected. We hope this makes things more fair for solo players; where in a team one person would block, another could fire a rune to re-appear the monster, solo this situation is much riskier, so hopefully providing 30 seconds of non invisible monster will give time for solo battle strategies to be developed.

The second is a new spell available to only knights.  As everyone knows, "super berzerk" was added in previously to give high level knights a more powerful "finishing blow" to foes in battle. However, knights, even with the small melee boost per level granted, will never come close to being able to deal the DPS of a paladin or mage. This comes into clear detail when facing any of the many health regenerating monsters that roam Peora (and original Tibia) and can often close many areas to them in solo hunting.

Thus, a new spell called "Cursed Healing" has been introduced; this spell is for knights only, and will reduce the healing power of a monster by half for 30 seconds.  The spell operates in a 1 square range on all sides of the knight when cast and only affects monsters.  Hopefully this not only makes a knight a more attractive hunting partner, but also, when solo, gives the knight a slightly better chance of breaching some quest areas.

Please feel free to discuss any of the above changes in discord or on forums.
After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. A more accurate to the time period defense and attack formula will be used.

2. Wrong hit effects for certain bows have been corrected; monster shielding will now be taken into effect for certain bows missing the function.

3. The monsters Ice Lizard, Golden Scorpion, and Venomous Balrog have been weakened very slightly.

4. Some level doors have been corrected to show the level required clearly.

5. The new spell "maledico" has been added to knights; it is also visible in spellbooks and on the website in the magic section.

6. The cancel invisibility rune has been modified to block monsters from recasting the invisibility spell for 30 seconds.

7. Several map areas have been improved/repaired, including ensuring "sliding" areas are working correctly.

8. NPCs Sherry, Gwenno, and Iolo have been repaired for keywords and spelling.

9. All light spells from the light master quest, as well as several other custom spells may now be cast in protection zones.

10. The Frosthaven quest tome has been repaired for spelling errors.

11. The skinning knife now skins the monsters intended.

12. The jewel slicer has been repaired for spelling.

13. The exhaust system for healing runes has been adjusted to ensure it enacts the 1 second exhaust correctly.

As mentioned previously, the Frosthaven update will likely be the last major update that introduces new permanent hunting zones and quests. With the massive size of lands to be explored, and the literal 1000+ quests to be solved, we feel Peora offers an immersive game play experience with content that is playable for years. Going forward, we will focus on two main things: First, improvement of all existing features, including everything from improving spelling, map oversights, adding depth to quests and dialogue, repairing any reported errors, etc. will carry on as usual.  Second, we will begin to host "events" where something will only be available for a short time, and offer unique and fun but non quest counted rewards.  Our first planned event will happen this coming Christmas; more details to come soon!

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and thank you for all the reports and suggestions; best of luck in quests and have fun!

  by God Evan

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