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  Sun, 5 Apr 2020 -
46th Update!

As most know, there are several Masters spread across Peora.  Joining their ranks from next server save is the Light Master, who holds the secrets to casting different colors of light. For those interested in gaining access to these spells, visit the Light Master in his home in Koya by first exiting the east gate and then heading north.


Quest specifics: The genesis of this quest is from a player request to aid vocations that cannot easily carry light wands or other light objects while hunting. The 5 point Light Master challenge is designed to start at roughly level 20 and finish at roughly level 100. 3 tomes and NPC dialogue supports the lore and quest process.

Speak to the Light Master to start the challenges; good luck to all who dare to face the guardians of the light!

After next server save, the following changes will take effect:

1. The Light Master quest line will be available.

2. The map pages have been updated to now show a basic shop layout per town.

3. The magic page has been updated to show druid spell of fireball

4. The lonely troll quest has been altered slightly.

5. Several NPCs have been improved for spelling and storage codes.

6. Some minor map errors, including some incorrect ladder tops, have been repaired.

7. Safety exits have been added to the electric bow quest.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play) and of course thank you for all the reports; best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Sun, 29 Mar 2020 -
45th Update!

It is great to see players moving their way up their quest progression bars; and thank you very much for the reports. With more players online, hopefully this will give everyone a chance to try some of the more difficult quests in a team.

Overall, the server seems to be running well.  After next server save, the following changes will take place:

1. An incorrect epic quest item has been changed to a different item.

2. The lazer bar entry in the Wizardry area has been repaired.

3. The monsters Astrologer, Undead Druid, Undead Paladin, Undead Knight, and Undead Sorcerer have been weakened slightly.

4. A second style of loot message has been installed; please see the Server Info page or type !commands in game for more details.

5. An NPC in the Wizardry area has been adjusted slightly.

6. A quest door in Al'Qus minotaur spawn north of the city has been raised from 20 to 30 for player safety.

7. A quest door in Togesland hydra spawn east of the city has been raised from 35 to 40 for player safety.

8. The formula for "enhanced burst arrows" has been modified very slightly, to prevent zero damage attacks from occurring.

9. A few houses in Sircera have been modified in order to give more an original Tibia "central circle" look and feel; but also, the actual central circle houses are available for rent in Edron should one wish to own one of the classic houses!

10. Several spelling errors in signs and NPCs have been corrected.

11. Several minor map visual errors have been corrected.

As everyone likely knows, Peora is entirely free to play, although we did have point scrolls available in game via quests or as rewards from Gods. The original idea was rather than force a player to accept a set item in a quest, the item would be removed and a scroll would be found instead, with which a player could log into the website and choose an item that best suits his/her character. However, not only was this plan poorly designed, it also lead to players thinking there was a "pay" shop on server.  We have thus removed that part of the website, and the point scrolls have been altered to be non usable in game.  But, do not throw them away, as we plan to introduce an NPC in game with unique items that players can obtain by trading in scrolls. Also, just as a reminder, Peora is entirely free to play and no financial transactions of any type will ever occur on this server.

The Light Master quest is nearly complete, and in the near future we will post an update with information on the suggested level range and general details.

As always, kindly report any errors (visual or game play); best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan
  Sun, 22 Mar 2020 -
44th Update!

It looks like everything is running fairly smoothly; thank you as always for the reports. After next server save, the following changes will take place:

1. The monsters on level 3 of the Wizardry area have been weakened very slightly.

2. Two incorrect depot chests in Stonegate have been repaired.

3. The original banshee quest Queen room has had the monster spawn corrected.

4. Some minor errors in codes related to the original banshee quest have been updated to modern code.

5. The dragon hatchling sprite has been corrected.

6. The percents quest has had the formula adjusted slightly to match the quest count on server.

7. Several map areas with visual issues have been repaired.

Lately more players have been playing, leveling up, and challenging harder areas; we look forward to any feedback and as always appreciate any reports.  Best of luck in quests and have fun!
  by God Evan

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